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Are we doing the best we can? This is one of several questions I asked myself after reading this script.  I like to believe we are, but I also believe we can do better and be better if we seek personal growth.  Sometimes life is complicated, but it is also full of wonder and so much beauty as Christopher shows us.  So, slow down, sit back, and let 'The Curious Incident' remind us how we can all be and do a little better. A big shout out to those who make me want to be better, David, Alex, Nicole, Mom & Dad, I love you.  To the cast and crew, it is truly a privilege to be part of this show with you, thank you.  LCP: Lucy, On a First Name Basis; Linda, Mom’s the Word; Hearn, Damn Yankees; Teresa, The Memory of Water; Ruth, Bare Bear Bones; Cook, The Triumph of Teresa Harris.  Maybles’ Productions: Daphne, Skin Flick.


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