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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.
White outline of a dog constellation in the starry night  sky.

Embark on an extraordinary journey of truth, bravery, and resilience.


Moving and inspiring live theatre based on the novel by Mark Haddon adapted by Simon Stephens.

Presented by The London Community Players

at The Palace Theatre, London, ON

Feb 16 - 25, 2024











This play is a marvel!. It's stunningly good in all facets. Performance, direction, innovation, and technical execution. Don't miss this brave and bold exceptional play!

They hit it out of the park.  Wonderful acting, Issac was truly spectacular, loved the soundscape and set. It's a must see play.  So many important themes to consider, human mistakes and inadequacies, patience and understanding for others who are not like ourselves and others.  

My wife and I didn't know what to expect when we went to the preview last night. We left astounded. One of the best shows we've seen at the Palace. This is one we have to recommend to 
our friends.

Thank you - this was fabulous! Go see it!!! Congrats to John Gerry, Laurie Blackley, Mona Marie, Isaac Szoldatits, Melissa Metler, Rob Deman, Sarah E Abbott, Heather Weitzel, Dan Curtis, Alex Bogaert, George Jolink, Jo-Anne Bishop, Makayla Ashenden, and all the crew!


The best thing is the simplicity of the staging. This story is enough on its own and doesn't need theatrical wizardry.
A true honest story

An adaptation faithful to the original spirit of Haddon's novel; a sometimes harrowing, but ultimately inspiring journey of a young man's coming of 
age into self-confidence.


As avid theatre patrons, we are always interested in seeing plays that challenge the creativity of all involved in production and execution. Whether on Broadway or in a small-town village theatre it is always a thrill to see a performance that punches above its weight. The current production of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’ fits the bill. I would encourage anyone to see Isaac Szoldatits, as Christopher, deliver nothing short of an amazing performance. I would go so far as to say that anyone interested in seeing a future star practice the craft in their early years should get to the Palace before this production ends. The entire cast delivered an engaging and at times intense performance.  
I also note the work of Mel Stewart and Emily Pardo, Director, and Co-Directors of Movement and Choreography. A critical element in this play that worked brilliantly in interpreting the emotions of the key performer and his environment. 
Five out of five bravos on this production. Well done.

It was beautiful and deeply moving.

I saw this on Broadway when it was running and then I saw it this past weekend in London.
I see a lot of theatre and the
production that's running in London is really incredible.
I have nothing to gain by mentioning or promoting this show, but l assure you, you should see this. I loved every moment of it.
Bring Kleenex

Don't miss this brave and bold

exceptional play.

We were deeply impacted by Isaac's performance. Incredibly talented cast showcased in a meaningful way to bring
Christopher's reality to life. A must see!

The work, rehearsal and thought put into this performance is evident.

Everything fits together perfectly.

Not a sound was heard from the audience during the entire performance, everyone was totally absorbed in the show. There are not words to truly describe how wonderful this performance is, l encourage all who can to get out to treat themselves to an evening they will never forget.

Well worth the ticket price. 
If you are a teacher, a parent, or a human with a heart, you will enjoy this story of courage, growth and possibilities.

What an incredible performance by all! 
The young lead actor Isaac (Christopher) clearly worked so diligently on ensuring his character gave an honest and accurate portrait of Christopher and took us all on a very powerful journey. A daunting task for any actor to have performed and he did it with incredible grace and so much talent! 🌟
Sarah and Rob who played the parents were phenomenal, their genuine care and connection to the material made their performances so powerful and truly filled us with emotion.
Melissa as the teacher was a perfect narrator walking us through the roller-coaster of emotions. 
Special shout out to the entire ensemble, a fantastic group of actors who were effortless in their performances and were truly the glue to the overall look and feel of the show. Just wow!!

Director, producer, sound and lighting, stage crew, costumers, house staff, kudos to you all on your incredible work and for giving your audiences a show to remember for a very long time. ❤


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